Learning More About The Types of Clams

22 Nov

These are commonly eaten marine bivalves. Clams have a lot of names that are very confusing. They are also of many varieties and found in various oceans across the world. They spend most of their lives partly in the sand and partly on the ocean floor. There are so many kinds of clams which I'm going to discuss below.

First, the hard shell clams. They go by many names as well. They are usually harvested by simply digging them up in the ground. The smaller species are eaten raw while the bigger ones are the basis of famed clam chowder. To add on that we have the soft shell clams. Commonly known as steamers. You can easily identify them by their lighter colored, more oblong shells plus the fact that they are very delicate thus the need for extra care as you handle them. Since they live in the sand they are very gritty of course. Often steamed and then served with the broth thereof. Apart from being steamed, they can also be delicious when fried or used in chowders like the hard shell clams. Learn more about clams here.

Furthermore, we have the manila fresh clams. They are popularly eaten by pulling them from their shells and then dipping them in melted butter. They are also farmed along with other bivalves like the oysters and mussels. The other kind of clams is the razor clams. They have thin shells, are very long and mostly live in the sand in vertical positions. Since they stay in the sand they are very gritty thus there is a need for proper cleaning before they are evenly cooked. To prepare them is quite simply because they are usually coated in breadcrumbs and given a drunk in the fryer just like that then eaten. The surf clams also are other types of claims that exist. Very delicious when they are sliced up, fried etc. They are also a great clam to use for chowder. There are so many other types of clams identified as to where they originate or the ocean they come from. The above are some of the common and known types of clams in the world today. You can explore more about them to see how they can be prepared, how they are harvested plus how they live. They are the most famous bivalent liked by so many across the world. Read the writing to know more about the types of claims that exist.

Learn more about seafoods by simply clicking this website https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seafood.

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