Importance of Clams

22 Nov

This is a mouthwatering delicacy that is eaten raw or by plain boiling. This is a sea water food and has many types of shapes and sizes, Before buying you should know how long they have stayed to determine how fresh they are, they are delicious if they haven't stayed over four days. Different places have their own way of how they prepare them like in Italy they are prepared and eaten with pasta. Long ago clams were used for trade.

Once you are ready to prepare them, it's advisable to rinse them under water before preparing to get rid of sand, after rinsing put salt in water and stir the salt then dip the clams inside and let them stay for 30 minutes. These also help to remove sand that is inside the clams.

You may decide to either steam or boil, by boiling you can boil water and add them inside and cook for 5 minutes tops when boiling the upper part that has the shell will open. If the shell does not open it's not fit for consumptions so you should remove them. It's also advisable to cook with low heat as high heat makes the meat hard.

You can as well prepare them by barbecuing by this arrange the shellfish on a grill and cook them until you see the shell opening if it doesn't it's not fit for consumption. If the clams are big they have hard meat so it's advisable to eat the small ones if you're eating them raw.

Clams have a shell that is removed using a knife and gently separating the muscle on the shell of the fish. When storing the clams ensure its not in a stored with water, by this  you can use a bowl and leave the water to come out of them then store in a dry cool place not somewhere enclosed. They retain their taste for 3 days and if refrigerated they can stay for 2 days. If you buy when there canned you should open then the can and consume them they can only be refrigerated for 4 days after the can is opened. Get additional details about clams here at

Clams have health benefits to human body, they have high iron approximately 24 milligrams of iron that is a high amount of iron recommended for an adult in a single day. Women are mostly recommended to eat clams for their reach in iron. Iron is beneficial in women's bodies. Find more details about seafoods by checking this website

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